Chart Stalkers Paradise!

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Chart Stalkers Paradise!

Sorry if we have already got this but thought it would be cool to share our charts here so we can stalk to our hearts content!

If i can work out how (big if too lol) add yours and i will try and edit this to post all the links here!

Anngie60 (Angela)

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hmmmmmm my link has appeared as a link and not a ticker! If anyone else can do this properly then perhaps they may want to start a new thread? Wink

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You can see my chart by clicking the graphic in my siggy. It's really boring though because I'm not temping.

I think you need to post your photo URL as an image and not as an actual link if you want the picture to show up. You can tell that link is to a picture because the extension is .png, which is a photo type. If you want us to be able to see your actual chart then you need a link to you personal page on FF.

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Mine is in my siggy too. Don't have that many temps though Beee

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What she said!!!!
Kind of wish I were temping but my hours at work change so.....
Still looking forward to lookingcat everyone elses.

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Click the banner for mine Smile