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How ya doin, mama? Thinking about you and baby girl today!! :bigarmhug:

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Yes, yes.. how are you doing!?

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Thanks ladies! Baby is staying put and still active so that is good. Bad news is this head cold has turned into a horrible sinus infection and my face is in so much pain it hurts to eat or sleep. The doctor called to tell me she wanted me on progesterone to help close me up so I had her call me in a z pack. I hope it works quickly.

I am down 7lbs in the last week too, but I am hanging in there. If this cold would go away I would be doing much better I am sure.

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Sad I'm so sorry you're struggling with the stupid head cold crap!! But congrats on 29 weeks! :woohoo: Glad to hear she's hanging out INSIDE where she's supposed to! Smile Stay strong, ladybug.. we're rootin for ya!! :grouphug:

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Glad all is well with baby. I hope you're able to knock the sinus thing soon. That has to be miserable. Blah.

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I hear you about sinus infections. i get them all the time and they are seriously miserable. I hope you get better soon!