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Thread: to circ or not to circ?

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    I HATE when they come and get them to take them off to do it... makes me just SICK! ugh... I don't wanna put him through it, but my dh wants it done too, and I don't really think he has researched anything on the topic just because it's the norm to him... I dread it SO bad.
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    Personally I'd be fine with letting my DH decide but ONLY if he did research on it first. My hubby was pro-circ when we had DD but luckily we didn't need to discuss it in great detail. Since then he has actually done research and is now against it.
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    We chose to circ our new little man. The doc here was awesome. He insisted one of us come along (DH went) and used lidocaine for anesthesia and prescribed Tylenol for him afterwards. DH said Timothy slept through it once he got used to being strapped down. He did not appear to be in any pain afterwards. I was prepared to decline (and find another pediatrician) if they used the plastibell--I think that device is awful.

    Whatever you decide, please do your research. It is a controversial topic and many folks have regret for not being fully informed.

    I personally believe that it is cleaner and leads to less chance of infections. Now I know the studies state there is no difference, but personal experience as an RN has shown me otherwise. All the male babies with UTI's I have treated have been intact, I do not remember a single circ'd boy with a UTI. And I see less UTI's in elderly men who are circ'd.

    It was also DH's preference to circ our sons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marymoonu View Post
    I never really hoped for my kids to be a specific gender, but there was a small part of me that hoped this was a girl just so I wouldn't have to go through this part of it again.
    I feel the same way!! Part of me says no and part of me is yes.. I hate the thought of my baby crying.. but you know, they don't remember it. Thank goodness. I have spoken to my DH about it a lot and I told him I would leave it up to him. I trust and respect him and I will trust and respect his decision. Noah is also fine from having it done and I'm so thankful. But like you, Mary.. I think it would've been a relief to have a girl and not even have to worry about that! But you know.. sometimes I think worries with girls come later on in life.. once they're teens, etc. YIKES. Can't imagine that and I'm glad I won't go through it lol

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