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Okay, I need to have a TMI discussion about CM, haha.. Sorry. I've felt like I've had an overabundance of CM today. It generally looks normal... Clear, whitish in color. But there's so much MORE of it than I've had up until this point. I hate changes in CM. They make me nervous.

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Me too! I've had a lot and my OB confirmed I had a little bit of a yeast infection so that eased my mind. Lol she said it happens a lot during pregnancy. Yey.. Didn't have it with DS. But I know during pregnancy your body produces a lot more so I'm sure it's normal!

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My OB actually um..scooped some out and said see this? I was like..yeah. She said, get ready for a WHOLE BUNCH OF IT during pregnancy.

So, no worries! It's normal.

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Add me to the list of people who were told it's normal. As long as there's no smell, you're golden. Wink

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After DD was born I had to throw out ALL my underwear and buy new stuff. Yup, lots of CM when you're pregnant and it will ruin your underwear. LOL.

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Usually I notice it later in pregnancy. Had a ton with DS1, not so much with DS2. So could go either way this time. Weird how every pregnancy is so different. Never know what to expect!