Coming out....

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Coming out....

It's official, were pregnant with our 4th :shock: this was a bit of a surprise to us.
I had my us yesterday & we got to see the heartbeat.....all is well.

I have a 7ds, 5dd, & 20month ds....we have our hands full but what's one more?? Smile

So nice to meet you all & here's to a HH9M's!!!

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Yay! Congrats and welcome! Woohoo for a little heartbeat. I wish I could see mine already... impatiently waiting... :roll:

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Yey Smile HH9M!!

I'm with Mary on that.. so great to see a heartbeat and impatiently waiting for mine too!

Oh and you need another girl to even it out Smile

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:woohoo: Congrats on the new one!! And welcome to May! :wavehello:

So how are you feeling??? Biggrin

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Congrats and welcome! I agree... whats one more!?!? Yay for a heartbeat!