Dear God....

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Dear God....

I'm just bawling. There's a show on 9/11 on right now and just re-watching what happened that day has me choking up to the core.

These people didn't deserve this.. their families didn't deserve the devastation.. to have to bury their children.. spouses.. friends...

All the 911 tapes.. voice recordings from people in the building that didn't make it and wanted to say their final good-byes..

My tummy is turning so badly. Sad

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Sad such a sad, sad thing.

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I can't watch any shows about 9/11 it sends me into such anxiety. My mom saw the 2nd plane hit from her office. Such terrible memories of that day Sad

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I saw the commercials for that. Just seeing the commercial threw me back to that day - I was on my way to school (college) and was driving through the tunnel. I lose reception in it, so it picked back up on the other side and I listened in...just..horror to what had happened. I remember them saying they *thought* it was a terrorist...then about 5 mins later they said it was definitely a terrorist. I skipped school and went over a friends house...and they kept playing that horrible clip of those planes running into the World Trade Center and I just cried and cried.

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I can't stand when this time rolls around. I lost a friend shortly after due to a car accident so when 9/11 hits I know the anniversary of her death is coming up. I also remember being in college and having best friends who couldnt reach their parents or some who were on the phone wiht their parents and could hear the screams. It was a scary time.