DH is on call tonight
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Thread: DH is on call tonight

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    Default DH is on call tonight

    DH is on call tonight and Friday morning-Monday morning (he's a pathology resident). On call days and nights mean Mommy and DD are on our own. These are the last call days he has before baby will come so, YAY! because its getting hard for me to work 10+ hours and do everything at home too. BUT, that means the next time he has call (end of May, I think) it will be me alone with TWO kids! Oh, how good I have it now
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    Yikes! That must be really hard on you! I hope these next few shifts go quickly. I can't believe you work 10+ hours at 34 weeks. wow!
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    Yikes! My hubby is also on call every couple of months.. I hate it LOL Anyway, it definitely will be fun when I have a NB too.. yikes!

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