Diaper Duty (XP)

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Diaper Duty (XP)

It's been 10 years since I had to even think about diapers so I'm at a COMPLETE loss! Lol
But, am also obsessed about having enough now that everyone and their mother is having annual baby sales and they are on sale or have a free gift card attached to them. lol..

So far I have..

96 - Newborn (up to 10 lbs)
188 - Size 1 (up to 12 lbs)
672 - Size 2 (up to 18 lbs)

I'm thinking about going out to Target today since it starts their Annual Baby Sale and picking up some Size 3 diapers.. They have them as low as 21.8 cents / diaper right now.

Do I have enough of some? I think I should go exchange one box of Size 2 for Size 3.. 672 sounds like a lot to me.. ??

Yes, I know some will cloth diaper and that's wonderful but this thread is about disposable ones, please, as I try to figure out just exactly what I need. Biggrin Thank you Biggrin

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I've been so tempted to start stocking up on diapers. But I'm nervous to do that since I know that different babies need different diapers. My oldest was great with Huggies, but leaked right through all Pampers, Target etc. My second was good with Kirkland (Costco) brandand terrible with Huggies. And since this is my first girl diaper experience, I just don't know what will be good?!? I am starting to stock up on wipes though - that is pretty much universal Smile

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I am not sure about how many of each size. It is hard to tell until you know if you are going to have a chunky baby or not. Jack was in newborns for the first 3 months, was in 1's for a few more months then in 2's for what felt like forever. He is a skinny kid. But I have a friend who's son was in size 3's at 5 months old. I would say either keep your receipts, or I know Walmart lets you exchange sizes without having a receipt.

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Loved Pampers Swaddlers for Noah then he leaked bad in them and we loves Huggies for him. Besides the cloth we also used. So I'm waiting to see what works better for Lucas too but I know I'll use the Swaddlers at first.

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Wow Adriana! You are super momma! I haven't even thought about buying baby's first diapers yet! I personally don't stock up on diapers because I never know what size I will need and sometimes I switch brands because I like different ones at some stages(sizes) I love the huggies for newborns because they leave a generous space for the umbilical cord. but I do love the swaddlers too for size 1 and up. Right now I am using the pampers cruisers in size 4 for DS2. I think I only needed one box of newborn diapers until I needed size 1. They don't tend to last long in sizes 1 and 2 unless you have a small baby. Have fun diaper shopping!

Oh and I just got back from Target and bought the buy one get one 50% off binkies and lotions. They also had $6 sleep n plays too! Lots of good deals!