Dinner tonight was...

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Dinner tonight was...

grape tomatoes, whole natural almonds, and OJ

Oddly satisfying. Smile Oh...and I can't forget the snack size crunch bar, mini tootsie roll, snack size hershey bar, and snack size cookies and creme bar. (the little tiny ones that you buy for halloween.) I haven't gotten to those yet though Smile

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That sounds awesome! Lol I was ravenous yesterday afternoon so I just ate and ate and ate!

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I love how you mention all the "bad" stuff was snack size.. Lol Glad you felt up to eating, no matter what it was! :clappy:

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mmm. yum!
I've had spaghetti 3 night in a row. Probably again tonight!LOL I went out and got MORE discount halloween candy so now I have lots of chocolate and laffy taffy. I really need to start eating better!

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I ate a salad and ...some...thing. It was like a stromboli, but it was stuffed with Mexican things instead of pizza. It was yummy. I felt super queasy after eating it, but it did stay down...

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haha yeah... sad thing is is that i didn't even eat 1 bite of the "bad" stuff. I changed my mind on wanting it. lol