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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2D View Post
    I get dizzy a lot during pregnancy but for me i think it's related to low blood pressure. My blood pressure is often around 90/50 or sometimes lower so I just try to drink more fluid. What is your B/P like?
    I think usually my b/p is pretty normal througout pregnancy. Sometimes towards the end it goes alittle low.

    I think I'm going to try some protein bars and shakes since I haven't been eating meat lately.

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    I get dizzy often during pg.. I also get short of breath. I have a "sinus disrhythmia" with my heart it beats all out of wack basically.. unless I'm holding my breath and then it's just perfect! lol I was suppose to outgrow it but I'm 32... Anyway hope your new ob takes it seriously! Good luck to ya
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