Dizzy / out of breath

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Dizzy / out of breath

Is anyone having trouble with dizziness? Today I have found myself a little dizzy and short of breath. I don't remember having this issue in the past.
Just curious.....

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I am horribly dizzy all. the. time. I wouldn't say I'm short of breath, though. I've been very dizzy to the point of my vision blurring sometimes. I asked the nurse about it, and she said it's normal, basically blood not flowing to the brain fast enough because your blood volume is expanding right now. She said in a few weeks, you'll have 4 pints of extra blood and it shouldn't be as much of a problem. It can also be other things... Low blood sugar, but I'm eating very frequently, so probably not that for me. Blood pressure issues, anemia, etc.

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Thanks!! You think I would know since this is my 4th!!!

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I usually get dizzy later in pregnancy, but if I get up to fast I get really dizzy. I have noticed I'm out of breath alot but I do chase after kids too. I think it's all pretty normal.
Congrats on #4!

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I'm the odd ball out.. I had dizziness before I got my BFP (in my 2WW) but not since, really.. now the shortness of breath has been starting the past week.. It can go away, if you ask me!