Emeline's Birth Story

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Emeline's Birth Story

I never got to write one of these with Jack because of all the complications, so I wanted to make sure I wrote one this time.

I went in for a normal nst at 38w+2 and once again she was not reactive on the strip. Not only was she not reactive, her heart rate was dropping when she moved. So, they sent me for a bpp as they usually did, but today felt different. I was actually worried this time. They found that her fluid was truly low this time and that my placenta had degraded extremely quickly. It was decided that she needed to come out that day. As much as I wanted to VBAC, her health was more important and I had no hesitation going in for another csection.

They sent me to L&D to be monitored and to wait 8 hours since I had eaten breakfast. They didn't have any rooms at the time so I sat in triage for most of the time. We finally got a room about 2pm and was scheduled for surgery at 3pm. I walked into the operating room while DH stayed back and got dressed in his scrubs.

They did the spinal tap and that is the weirdest feeling ever as your body goes numb. I had an epi with Jack, but I was in labor so I don't remember every second of it like this time. Unfortunately, the doctor on call was the one I had trouble with. It was a bit awkward and I am not sure if it was just his personality, but he didn't say a word during the whole thing. Last time, they talked me through everything that was happening. This time I just heard my baby start crying and started crying myself.

I kept asking DH if she was ok and if she had bruising. We knew something was wrong with Jack originally because he was covered in bruises. She was perfectly healthy and scored 8/9 apgar. They brought her over so I could see her and Dh and I bonded with her while they sewed me up.

They wheeled me back to the room and I was able to hold her and nurse her right away. This was new to me as I didn't get to hold Jack til he was 5 days old and was never able to nurse. I was in heaven and she was so beautiful.

We were in the room for about an hour and the nurses kept pushing on my stomach. My nurse felt like there was something wrong and had the doctor come in. Sure enough, I had formed a hernia quickly and it needed to be taken care of. They wheeled me back to the OR to open me back up. They were concerned that the spinal had worn off too much and would have to put me under. There was a lot of risk with this and I was so scared I would not wake back up. DH had to stay with the baby and could not be here for this surgery. Thankfully, the spinal was enough and they were able to open me back up, fix the problem, and then stapled me back together.

I missed her first bath while I was in surgery, but DH took pictures and video of it so I got to see it anyway. I was only in the room about 10 minutes when my mom and DS came in. They started to kick them out, but I said it was ok. Apparently, my mom had gotten there about 3pm and it was now after 6 due to the emergency surgery. She was pissed she had to wait so long, but I had told her not to come til 6 so that we were all settled. None of us could have predicted the complications. Jack got to meet Emeline and was so excited to see his baby 'ister. He kept repeating, "baby Emmy get out of Momma's tummy? Momma did it? Baby Emmy cute? I wuv her?" LOL

I was up and walking by midnight so 6 hours after the second surgery and felt fine the whole time while in the hospital. We got absolutely no sleep the whole time we were there due to all the doctors/nurses in and out. Because of the antibody and Jack's complications, we not only had my ob and nurses, but Emeline had her own nurse and two doctors keeping up with her and her testing, and the lactation nurses on top of that. Thankfully, they let me go home after just 48 hours because I was healing and all of Emeline's tests were coming back perfect. Her biliruben was a little high so we had to follow up with her pediatrician as this is common in early babies, but is also a result of the antibody.

We had an appt. on Monday and Wednesday with her doctors and she was cleared of jaundice without having to do any treatment. She also gained 2 oz from Monday to Wednesday so she was given a clean bill of health.

I had some massive bruising appear all of a sudden Wednesday morning and went to have it looked at. They said it was fine and mostly a result of the second surgery and having to have a suction dressing on. The suction dressing was a special contraption that sucked and fluid out of the wound. I had a battery back and tubing that was attached to me. Let me tell ya, not comfortable. But they removed it that day because the incision looked good. I had another appointment today and had the staples removed.

We are both looking good. We are very tired and breastfeeding has been rocky since my milk came in, but we are working on it. I am so in love!

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She is just lovely! I am glad everything seems to have worked out for the best!

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She is just beautiful! Congrats!
I'm glad she is healthy and you are doing ok with the bit of complication you had following the birth. I enjoyed reading your story, TFS! Smile

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She is just precious! What an entrance she made! Glad you're healing. I hope your BF challenges ease up... I can relate!

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Aww preciousness. Congrats and wttw Emeline! Hope you have a speedy recovery and breastfeeding gets easier.

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She couldn't be cuter! Sorry about the complications but sounds like everything was handled well. Hope you are feeling recovered soon!