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Thread: Excercise!

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    Default Excercise!

    Is chasing after a 1 year old considered good excercise!?!? haha

    I'm just not feeling it this time. Between taking care of the boys, and the m/s, It's just so hard to commit to it. I was excercising at home everyday before I got pregnant to lose the baby weight from DS2I have been reading that getting enough excercise every trimester of pregnancy is important and helps with labor. I just feel so bad and lazy not doing it. I try to go for walks but it's getting colder here so it's harder to get out. Thought about joining the gym, but would I actually go?

    Tell me i'm not the only one? or motivate me if you are!

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    I use to jog 2 miles a day and do the elliptical and some videos. I got pregnant and all I wanna do is get home and be lazy.. take a nap, etc. I told my DH that once the first trimester is over I am starting back up speed walking at least and go from there. I have some yoga and pilates videos at home too that I can do

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    LOL, exercise! I'm SO lazy normally and pg doesn't make it any better. We have a treadmill but I don't really use it. I'm so terrible. I just don't *get* the whole 'exercising is fun' thing. I hate it when I'm doing it, and hate it after. I don't get the happy endorphin others get. My only real motivation for exercise is to lose weight when I'm huge, LOL.
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    What is ex-cer-cise? Im not sure I know the meaning of that word.. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by blondiess4u View Post
    Tell me i'm not the only one? or motivate me if you are!
    I'll be the strange one here I'm still running and biking...I actually have a 35 mile bike race this weekend, although I won't be "racing" by any means, just enjoying the ride!

    My 1st pregnancy I felt terrible and was worried about causing a m/c so I quit working out pretty much completely and had a hard time losing the weight after and developed Pre-E (obviously could or could not be related).

    With my second, I kept running the whole time even though I got VERY slow and looked like a joke pushing my jogging stroller with my DD in it my last few months and barely jogging, but the weight came off easily (actually gained a few pounds more too..exercising makes me hungry!) and I felt GREAT the whole pregnancy. Not to mention I was back running at 2 weeks PP.

    I understand how hard it is to go in the first tri when you feel terrible, but I swear if you can push through it you end up with an energy boost! Not to say there weren't days I choose to watch something on my DVR instead
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    Blech... I haven't exercised since before my wedding in 2008. LOL. I don't plan on starting now while I feel like crap.
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    Before I got pg I was working out every day (either treadmill, bike or Wii Fit/Zumba). Pretty much came to a standstill when I got preggo - I work full time so only time I have to exercise would be in the evenings and there aint no way on Gods green earth I can do much of anything after I get the kids to bed. Hoping i get some energy back 2nd tri and can get back to it. I lost a bunch of weight before this pg and would be way too depressed if I gained it all back
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    I walk my dog every morning and evening but besides that I'm pretty lazy. I have felt like crap for most of this pregnancy. I don't think I could have handled much more than walking.

    I'd like to find a prenatal yoga class soon though. I like the lazy type of yoga though, not the intense power yoga where you are doing head stands and stuff. I went to a yoga class once about 6 months ago and there were 2 preggos in there and they could do all this fancy stuff and I couldn't do any of it. So yeah not taking prenatal yoga there..haha.
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    water aerobics wis great while pregnant. I'm not doing any exercise though. :/ I feel too awful to.
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