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Is chasing after a 1 year old considered good excercise!?!? haha

I'm just not feeling it this time. Between taking care of the boys, and the m/s, It's just so hard to commit to it. I was excercising at home everyday before I got pregnant to lose the baby weight from DS2I have been reading that getting enough excercise every trimester of pregnancy is important and helps with labor. I just feel so bad and lazy not doing it. I try to go for walks but it's getting colder here so it's harder to get out. Thought about joining the gym, but would I actually go?

Tell me i'm not the only one? or motivate me if you are!

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I use to jog 2 miles a day and do the elliptical and some videos. I got pregnant and all I wanna do is get home and be lazy.. take a nap, etc. I told my DH that once the first trimester is over I am starting back up speed walking at least and go from there. I have some yoga and pilates videos at home too that I can do Smile

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LOL, exercise! I'm SO lazy normally and pg doesn't make it any better. We have a treadmill but I don't really use it. I'm so terrible. I just don't *get* the whole 'exercising is fun' thing. I hate it when I'm doing it, and hate it after. I don't get the happy endorphin others get. My only real motivation for exercise is to lose weight when I'm huge, LOL.

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What is ex-cer-cise? Im not sure I know the meaning of that word.. LOL :rolleyes:

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"blondiess4u" wrote:

Tell me i'm not the only one? or motivate me if you are!

I'll be the strange one here Wink I'm still running and biking...I actually have a 35 mile bike race this weekend, although I won't be "racing" by any means, just enjoying the ride!

My 1st pregnancy I felt terrible and was worried about causing a m/c so I quit working out pretty much completely and had a hard time losing the weight after and developed Pre-E (obviously could or could not be related).

With my second, I kept running the whole time even though I got VERY slow and looked like a joke pushing my jogging stroller with my DD in it my last few months and barely jogging, but the weight came off easily (actually gained a few pounds more too..exercising makes me hungry!) and I felt GREAT the whole pregnancy. Not to mention I was back running at 2 weeks PP.

I understand how hard it is to go in the first tri when you feel terrible, but I swear if you can push through it you end up with an energy boost! Not to say there weren't days I choose to watch something on my DVR instead Wink

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Blech... I haven't exercised since before my wedding in 2008. LOL. I don't plan on starting now while I feel like crap. :raspberry1:

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Before I got pg I was working out every day (either treadmill, bike or Wii Fit/Zumba). Pretty much came to a standstill when I got preggo - I work full time so only time I have to exercise would be in the evenings and there aint no way on Gods green earth I can do much of anything after I get the kids to bed. Hoping i get some energy back 2nd tri and can get back to it. I lost a bunch of weight before this pg and would be way too depressed if I gained it all back Sad

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I walk my dog every morning and evening but besides that I'm pretty lazy. I have felt like crap for most of this pregnancy. I don't think I could have handled much more than walking.

I'd like to find a prenatal yoga class soon though. I like the lazy type of yoga though, not the intense power yoga where you are doing head stands and stuff. I went to a yoga class once about 6 months ago and there were 2 preggos in there and they could do all this fancy stuff and I couldn't do any of it. So yeah not taking prenatal yoga there..haha.

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water aerobics wis great while pregnant. I'm not doing any exercise though. :/ I feel too awful to.