feeling it....

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feeling it....

My hips and back! OUCH!!! And the inner upper thighs from the lovely new stride I have. Oh and don't leave out the WONDERFUL sciatica.... uh not sure I'm gonna make it to May 1st I hurt so bad Sad okay trying not to whine too much here... haha

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Oh, thank goodness I'm not alone. I'm really feeling it lately. Aches, pains, etc. And I have to stand all day at work, which is getting really tedious. I can't really fathom two more months of this. With my other two, I didn't feel this miserable until the last month. Shoot, I don't think I ever really got all that miserable with DS2. I am SO worn down and achy this time.

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I know I was thinking the same thing, that I wasn't near this uncomfortable w/ the last pregnancy's until right up until the end...Maybe because it was warmer weather and we swam A LOT, and just getting out into the fresh warm air... not sure but it's a loooooonnnggg way until May 1st at this rate lol

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This week it's been the ribs on the right for me that is the worst. I can see feet right under my bra line...my ribs begin at least 3-4 inches BELOW that...I remember with DD thinking my ribs must be broken it hurt so much by the end...and they didn't recover for a good 3 weeks after she was born...oy! Back and hips aren't feeling so great either...

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I hear ya! I had all that hip pain last pregnancy! This time I feel pretty good but now I am getting really moody and by the end of the day my back and feet are killing me!

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I hear ya. I want to love being pregnant, but its just so dang uncomfortable. Hips, pelvic bone, tail bone, inner thighs, they all hurt. People keep commenting on how low I'm carrying, I'm like yeah I can feel it. There is so much pressure down there I feel like I have to hold my belly when I walk to keep him from falling out.