Felt baby from the outside!

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Felt baby from the outside!

I posted this on my fb yesterday, but forgot to post here!

I was laying in bed the night before last, thinking about how I haven't felt the baby move much and was hoping for some movement. So I laid my hand on my belly, not expecting to really feel anything. Then I felt a definite thump right in the middle of my hand. I thought, "There's no way, it's way too soon." So I left my hand there and a few seconds later, another thump in the same spot! I asked DH if he was awake and told him I felt it. I didn't expect him to because he was almost asleep, but he jumped up and put his hand on my belly. Of course, it didn't happen again, but it was so freaking awesome!

I can't remember for the life of me when I felt movement from the outside with my other babies, but I do NOT think it was this early. I think I just got lucky and probably won't feel it again for a bit, but I won't mind if it becomes a regular thing! Smile