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    Default Fetal movement

    I think I'm crazy. I'm sitting in my office, legs crossed in my chair (I never sit like a big girl if I'm not in a meeting or something), pants are a little snug around the waist, full bladder and I think I felt fetal movement. I don't feel gassy at all and it felt just like the little flutters I felt in my last pregnancy at 18 weeks. The baby should only be like 1.25 inches so, logically, feeling movement doesn't make any sense, but that's just exactly what it feels like. One of those you know it when you feel it things. That would be cool, but I'll probably still logically write it off as a gas bubble...but just what if? a mommy can dream, right?
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    Aww, you never know :P My friend who is 11 weeks now said she felt something at 9 weeks and was sure it wasn't gas!

    I can't wait to start feeling baby move!!

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    Of course you can dream! And that dream will be a reality VERY VERY soon! If nothing else it totally made you smile, yes?

    YAY for our beans getting bigger!
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    Ya sometimes I feel some movements like that, if I didnt know I was only 7 weeks along I would swear that was a baby's movement. They like to keep us guessing. It is usually 20 weeks before I really feel anything though.

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