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I'm not going to edit this so sorry if there is alot of errors. DH took the boys out today so I finally had some time alone with Sarah and finally get to write my birth story!

It has been a crazy first week! DH went back to work on Tuesday and I had to take care of Sarah and my 20 month old. It went well considering Sarah sleeps all day and DS2 can somewhat entertain himself.
We are doing great though. Sarah sleeps 4-5 hours at a time at night right next to me. I love it! She is so sweet and hardly ever cries. I am recovering well and barely feel like I just had a baby which is amazing!

Here is a shortened version of my birth story for some of you that don't have time to read it all

2 1/2 hour total labor. Got to hospital and was already 9cm. and only there 30 min before I delivered naturally (no IV or epi or monitoring baby's heartbeat) Pushed 3 times (10 min.) and baby came flying out. No tears! I left the hospital the next day!

Birth Story Friday 5/24 Sarah Nicole 7lbs 15oz 20 1/2 in. long 11:48am

Been having regular contractions since Monday. Dr. didn't seem concerned since they didn't hurt. Felt more like Braxton Hicks to me.
7:30am-Woke up like a normal day and didn't feel like it was baby day. Did my usual stretching and ate a bowl of oatmeal. DS2 woke up at 8:30am and we snuggled in bed while he drank his milk.

9am- Started to feel alittle crampy. Went to the batroom and a big blob of mucus plug came out.

9:15- Decided to start timing contractions (crampy feeling) for 1 hour and see if they continued or went away as they didn't hurt to bad. Got in the shower for 20 min and they were still continuing every 3-5 min for 30 sec each. Got dressed and fed DS2 some breakfast.

10:30am- Decided this is the real thing and thought about calling the OB.. then quickly decided I don't have time for that and I would just go to L&D. So I called DH and said "it's time" so he said he was on his way. He works 30 min away. He called his dad to come watch DS2 while we were gone. Started hetting all my bags together to leave.

11:00am-Contractions alot stronger where they would stop me in my tracks. Car ride was aweful... Told DH I am not in the mood for this. I had planned a natural childbirth and read the hypnbirthing book. It was so painful I wasn't sure I could go through with it.

11:15- Checked into the front and they sent me straight to triage. I quickly realized I needed a room to labor in because I just couldnt laty down and was pacing. They were short staffed so the manager came in to help. She wanted to monitor the baby but I couldn't hols still. I eventually laid down so she could check me and she said I was 9cm 0 station and needed a room now! They called my Dr. and she was on her way. They wheeled me to a room so baby wouldn't fall to the floor.

11:24- Got to a room (same room I delived DS2 in!) and was pacing. I couldnt sit. They said there was no time for IV or pain medication. They did a quick monitor of the babys heartbeat while I stood up. I got a birth ball and bent over that for a few min. waiting for my Dr.

11:38- Dr came in and said to lay down on the bed we were going to get this baby out. I didn't want to lay down but didn't know what else to do so I got on the bed and she checked me and I was ready baby was +2 station. Water wasn't broken so she said if we brok it we could get baby out. So she broke it and I started pushing.

11:48- Baby came out with 3 long hard pushes and only 10 min. no screaming! I got to touch the head and helped pull her out. We were so excited that baby came out that DH forgot to announce the gender and the nurse said its a girl and I still dont think we understood.LOL. I did delayed cord clamping and got to hold her right away for awhile and started breastfeeding. I think they felt I did so good with the natural childbirth that they decided to wait on doing all the baby's checks. 10 min. later I said... wow it's a girl! It set in! She was my biggest baby! And stayed in the longest! 39weeks 3 days. My boys were 38 weekers and were 6lbs.

Nurses asked right away what we were going to name her. DH said right away Sarah Nicole. We had discussed that name but didn't know we were set on it yet. SO I went with it. I think it's cute that he was so sure. Sarah was a name we always talked about using since we had talked about having kids. Nicole is a family name and is a female for of Nicholas whoich is DS2's name. She didn't look like a Sarah at first but now it's setting in!

I didn't sleep good the first night because nurses come in every hour if you don't send your baby to the nursery which I never did. and they kept messing with her... so I decided to leave the next day so I could see my boys and get a good night's sleep. I felt pretty good and recovered much better with a natural birth.

Sarah was positive for coombs which is a type of jaundice because out blood types are incompatible. So I had to keep taking her to get blood draws because her levels were high, but they started coming back down on Thursday so she is ok!

Can I just say I am so in love with my little girl!!!!

This is a pic of her from today (9 days old) I just got newborn pics done yesterday so I'll share more later!

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Congratulations again, Samantha! I'm glad your birth experience was so quick and easy. Sarah is beautiful. KEep posting the gorgeous pictures of her please! Smile

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Congratulations! She's lovely Smile

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Sounds like a great birth experience, congrats again! Smile

I liked pacing when active labor started with DS2 but wasn't able to continue labor that way once I arrived at the hospital. I always wondered how long i would have chosen to keep that up if i had been left alone. I find it interesting that was what you wanted to do right up until the end.

Sarah is beautiful! How exciting to have your little girl! Smile

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She's beautiful! Congrats again!