Finally some good news!

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Finally some good news!

Yesterday I got to see my regular ob and she apologized for the ob from last week. It was a good appt and we discussed my vbac and not bring attached to IVs and strapped to a bed like last time. She checked me and I am still at 3 cm but nearly completely effaced. I will come off bed rest next Wednesday at 36 weeks Smile

Then today I had my Mfm appt to check on the umbilical issue. Well lo and behold there is no issue. Baby girl is still measuring right on track. Estimated at 5 lbs 15oz and perfectly normal and healthy in every way. She basically called the bad dr a quack so you know that made my day and she said I am officially graduated from their care. She asked what's doctors say about delivery and I told her a repeat CS at 39 weeks if I don't go into labor sooner. But that I was hoping for a vbac. She acted shocked and asked if they allowed that at my hospital and when I said yes she congratulated me and said she thinks that is a great thing. Biggrin I am so relieved and happy that despite only having a few hours sleep I still can't nap. Sorry if too many typos. I am on my phone. needs an app.

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That's awesome! Whew! I know you are relieved and so I am for you Smile

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YAY! Great news! So glad for you and baby Smile thanks for the update!

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Yay for a good appt!!!

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Glad you had a great appointment, and YAY for only one more week of bed rest! I'm so happy you've managed to keep her baking this long. Smile

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woo whooo for a great appointment!!!!! So glad the end is in sight for you and bedrest, I've been there it's no fun Sad but congrats on making it this long way to bake momma!

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:clappy: Awesome appt! Did she really call him a quack? ROFL That's awesome. Wink

Soooo happy you've been able to make it this far!! Bed rest has been worth every second, I bet, but I know you're ready to be done. Almost there!!

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AWESOME NEWS! I'M so glad it went well today. You deserve it mama! Smile

I agree that p.o needs at app!

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So glad that things are going well for you! does have an app but it SUCKS!

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Sounds like a great appointment. Can't believe you are already at 3cm and fully effaced at 35 weeks! Shouldn't be too long now. I hope you get your VBAC with no IVs and freedom to labor anywhere!