First GYN appointment - any advice?

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First GYN appointment - any advice?

Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and pregnancy! Haven't been a huge fan of going to the doctor for as long as I can remember and so I'm pretty nervous about my first visit to the GYN next week. Any advice on what to expect? I'm sure my irrational fear is not good for me in this condition! Thanks for your help everyone!

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Good luck! I have two boys, and with both of their pregnancies, I had an ultrasound at my first appointment and got my official due date. They make me pee in a cup at EVERY appointment, check weight and blood pressure. The doc seems to set aside more time for you to ask questions at the first appointment. They always make me have an initial appointment with the nurse first where they talk about what you can and can't do/eat/etc.

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Just make sure to ask if they have a list of medications that are safe during pregnancy, what to avoid (eating and drinking), what can help with morning sickness (if you have any), what exercises are best and safest.........pretty much anything you can think of write it down and take it with you. Here's to HH9M Smile

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:wavehello: Hi there! There's not a ton to add to what these knowledgeable ladies have mentioned.. other than if you can stomach it, start a prenatal vitamin with low iron ASAP.

Congrats on your new little bean, sweetie! Are you actually due in May? We'd love to get to know you! Biggrin

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First appointment is lots of questions, my OB does an ultrasound (vaginally) which is fun Smile Lots of bloodwork (which is not fun), and lots of questions. I have my appointment on Monday - actually excited for it despite all the poking and prodding!

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Hi everyone. Thanks for that! Sort of looking forward to appointment on Wednesday but a bit nervous too, especially as will be doing it in a foreign language! Other half still in denial unfortunately so feels a bit tricky right now. Thanks for your support. Will let you know how I get on!