First magic number..

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First magic number..

So the first "magic" number of a pregnancy is 12 weeks, right? This is where the chance of sustaining a pregnancy goes up.. is that correct? I've always heard 12 weeks but not sure exactly why..

The second I believe is 24 - at which point a fetus has a higher chance of survival is born prematurely..

Do I understand this all right?

Just asking because I hit 12 weeks on Friday! :shock: :clappy:

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Yes about the 12 weeks but can't remember the 24 weeks and yey for being 12 weeks on Friday! Getting closer to 10 for me!

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My OB said that the first tri mester ends around 13 1/2 weeks, which they push to 14 to be an even week. BUT, that the chances of m/c go down drastically between 12 and 13 weeks.

I wonder why they picked those weeks, I don't think anything "special" happens then... I mean, obviously the whole baby thing is special but..okay, I'm rambling.
And yes, once you hit 24 weeks the babys chances are much greater for surviving if born early.

I can't believe you're almost 12 weeks already!!! :clappy: