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I think I felt baby while driving to work this morning!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!! I was singing and all of a sudden.. beautiful flutters. I felt them twice. Baby was probably telling me to hush while baby sleeps LOL Is it possible? This early??

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Yes! I've felt it a couple of times too!!!! Makes it all worth it Smile

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As a second time mama, you know more what you're looking for. It's totally possible!! :woohoo: hi baby!!!!!

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Smile I know you can feel it earlier with the second pregnancy and I am pretty sure I felt baby! Hope I get to feel baby more soon.. wonderful feeling!

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Nidia! I meant to come post and forgot, but I totally felt mine move like crazy when I was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday. I couldn't help but get a big grin on my face, hahaha. Such a great feeling!! Biggrin

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awww.. how exciting!!!! baby's like singing! Mine would always squirm around when I would sing!

I can't wait to feel flutters. I have felt every horrible symptom but haven't gotten to experience any of the fun stuff yet.

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YAY for flutters! How totally exciting!