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Forgot about the...

HEARTBURN!!!! AaaaahhhhH! I just cut up a fresh pineapple (for the kids snack for school tomorrow - go me!) and just smelling it has given me the worst heartburn ever. I got horrible heartburn with my other 2 and was miserable from it. I need to ask my doc what I can take for it - can't remember.
And for what it's worth, i do have babies with lots of hair so I totally believe that old wives tale Smile

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Ha! I JUST told my mom over dinner tonight that I was going to have to pick up some Tums soon because the heartburn has already started. lol..

I sooo feel ya on that one..

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I still have tums from when I was pg with DD that haven't expired...and I've already cracked into them. I had it really bad near the end of the pregnancy with my DD. I don't want it again!

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I get heartburn with OJ and a few other things.. indigestion with spicy or greasy foods.. ewwwwwwww. I carry a bottle of tums lol.. well, I put some in a snack bag so I wouldn't carry the bottle anymore.

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Wondering if I should buy stock in Tums since my cravings are ALL acidic foods. :oops:

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Pepcid is great when you get to the point that tums just don't cut it anymore, hahaha. I've had horrible heartburn with mine... With DS1, there were times that I'd be totally asleep at night and acid would regurgitate up into my mouth and wake me up. EWWW!! So gross, I know. Anyway, both of my kids were BALD, so that OWT didn't work for me, hahaha. My kids are born bald and stay bald for about the first 15-18 months.

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Zantac is safe to take during pregnancy - and I've been living off of it. I take two, then eat some Tums to cut the acid right THEN and then the Zantac goes into effect in like 20 minutes.

I've always had heartburn, even before I was pregnant... but I wake up with HORRIBLE heartburn EVERY morning.. and as soon as I get up and get going, it goes away for a couple hours. Even if I take meds right before bed or sleep sitting up...same thing.