Formula and 1 month old!

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Formula and 1 month old!

The only advantage of Alimentum is that it makes the Zantac actually taste good in comparison Smile Poor baby Keren is now on Alimentum and Zantac - trying to make that tenny tiny tummy of hers feel better Sad Hoping this does the trick!

But on a happier note... she's one month old today!! How did that happen???

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Aww hope her tummy feels better soon. She's a cutie! Happy one month!

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She's adorable! Happy 1 month! It went by fast! Sarah will be 2 weeks!

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What a cutie! I hope her tummy starts feeling better! Lucas has been very gassy in the mornings. Breaks my heart.

I know, time flies. Lucas will be 1 month Saturday!

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and on another good note: SHE'S ADORABLE!!