Friday drag

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Friday drag

I am so worn out! By the time Friday comes I'm always pooped, but this is a whole other level. My eyes burn, my body aches, my head hurts...I'm exhausted to the core. A girl can only take so many 5:30 mornings and 11 hour work days before she runs down. It doesn't help that DH was gone most of the week and I was up extra late at night getting stuff done at home. Thank the LORD tomorrow is Saturday...I think I'd fall out if I had to come back to work tomorrow. Maybe I can get DH to take DD to the park for a few minutes tomorrow so I can take a power nap... Just trying to make it through the work day...just 3 ish hours to go.....

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I feel ya... It's about all I can do to survive the day, and I'm on freaking vacation. NOT looking forward to next week. Even worse is in a couple weeks when I start commuting an hour each way to work (just temporary until we move, but we're not moving in the near future, so it will be a long sort of temporary).

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:lurk: I hear ya. I have to get up at 3am to go to work. I get to work at 4 (since I was re-located to "help" someone and have been stuck there fighting to get back since then) and I generally leave at 12. But I'm so tired driving back home. I JUST woke up from my nap because DH called me and I busted into tears. I feel so horrible.

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I am right there with ya ladies! I have an umm...exhausting student this year and I am beat. I seriously thought about just saying, hey I can't do it anymore adios! LOL I think this has been one of the most exhausting weeks in a long time. And I have been in bed no later than 9 every night because I just can't keep my eyes open. I am nervous about being sick in the coming weeks on top of everything else. I am not going to be a very nice Mrs. S! Poor kids...

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