Going out with Friends

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Going out with Friends

Since some of you haven't told any IRL that your PG. I was wondering how you keep quiet! Expecially when you have a DH that wants to tell the world, haha

Here's my dilemma. I would always have a drink with friends when we'd go out. When I first found out I was PG I didn't have a drink at dinner and I know I got some looks but I had the kids with me so it was easy to explain not drinking.
Well we are going out with friends next week and again, will be in the same position. How do you hide it when you usually drink but arn't? I can only make so many excuses. I really don't want to tell the people we are going out with either because she has been TTC for awhile and I dont want to add salt to the wounds.

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Yikes, that is hard.. I sometimes would get a drink, sometimes I wouldn't.. so it wouldn't be noticeable for me. What about saying you've started watching what you're eating and drinks a waste of calories? Or just that you don't feel like drinking one that night..

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It's funny.. My dead giveaway is not avoiding alcohol, as I rarely drink anyway... But people always call me out when they catch me trying to avoid caffeine. I'm surprised no one has called me out on it yet this time around. Although, I'm struggling to hide my nausea, so I'm certain they're catching on anyway. Someone at work asked me if I was pregnant yesterday, and although I said no, I'm sure my reaction was a dead giveaway. I could feel my face turning beet red, and I NEVER blush, hahaha.

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Jumping in from February.....
My DH and I each told our best friend, and so usually if we would go out at least 1 of our good friends was there and kind of acted as back-up for us.
....Or depending on what you drink, you could order and then catch the server and ask them to make sure it's virgin.

Good luck!

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Personally, a couple days before hand, I'd act like I was somewhat under the weather.. so when it came time to go out, I'd let them know I was getting over being under the weather and probably would want to stick to water/juice to rehydrate. lol..

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Tell them you feel like you are getting a kidney infection, and are trying to stave off that evil beast.

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You ladies crack me up! so I should flat out lie! I'm really bad at that! A few of them but be alittle true though. I will probably have really bad m/s by then so saying I have a "bug" (more like a "bean" haha) might work! Also, saying I'm trying to lose weight so no drinks could work too, my belly is growing, they just dont need to know why it's growing! I'm sure I will come up with something!