Good Luck Nidia!!

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Good Luck Nidia!!

As much as I love ya, girlie, I want you to STAY AWAY from the Diabetes stuff!! Lol

Good luck, mama. Smile BE GOOD, LUCAS!!!! Smile

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Thank you!! They will let me know in a couple days if the results are abnormal but she said if I don't hear from them everything is ok Shok I gained 2 lb which they said was good and everything else was good also. I go back in 2 weeks.

I got the orange stuff, I didn't even get to choose.. I remember someone telling me it tasted like orange crush.. UMM NO! It's like 20 times sweeter.. YUCK!!

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Ugh. I had the orange stuff too. And when I complained about it afterwards to the nurse she said, 'oh you should have asked for the fruit punch one - much better tasting!' um, why didn't you offer me the choice??!
Anyway, good luck! Hoping you don't hear back from them and no news is good news!!!

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Hope your results come back normal!!!
I really don't think the orange drink is that bad,lol. I mean, it wouldn't be my choice of beverage but I can stomach it. Last time I took it the nurse sat next to me until I drank it all. She said some people try to poor it out so they make sure that doesn't happen! How funny!

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I drank it while I was sitting in the chair after they took my blood. It was just way too sweet to me but I don't drink regular sodas or really any sodas usually. Now give me some cake or cookies.. brownies, ice cream and I'll eat it all up LOL