Good Morning!!!

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Good Morning!!!

Good Morning Ladies!!! 3am and I meet once again!:) Last night as I was receiving rsvp's for my shower in a couple of weeks I started to get a little nervous! I was realizing that when the shower comes, I'll have a little over 8 weeks until this little girl joins my family. I have delivered at 38 weeks with my 2 previous, so that would put me at 6 1/2 weeks after my shower!! EEEKKK!!!! My last labor was not fun!!! Anyone else have an epifany about how close we're getting or are you getting nervous for labor at all??

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Yeah I had a small freak out back on the 22nd ROFL I just can't believe it's getting SOOO close!

My shower is this coming Saturday and while I only had one person RSVP, when I went to chase people down, ended up with over 16 confirmed so far! lol..

It's going to be here before I know it! :shock:

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Oh man, I am so amazed that it's almost time!! AHHHHHHHH! Ready for my sweet baby boy to arrive though. I have a family trip with our best friends the end of March.. and 2 weeks before that the baby shower.. so March is going to FLY!

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I didn't get very much sleep last night either. I had so much to do this morning so I kept thinking about it last night which doesnt help.
I can't believe how close we are all getting to having these babies! Im not scared about labor but more scared to have 3 young kids!!! I just want to keep this baby in for another year!

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I'm still kinda in denial Smile 28 weeks sounds so.... close to delivery time :eek:
Really not ready at all... we have a lot happening over the next few weeks, DH is having some somewhat major oral surgery (on his jaw) sometime in the next 2-3 weeks with a couple of weeks recovery after that, and by the time that's done and we've made it through that, we'll be on baby watch... kinda crazy. Oh and scared for having 3 kids. SO scared for having 3 kids...