goodbye ladies

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goodbye ladies

I just wanted to say goodbye ladies I hope everyone has a happy health 9months and good luck all you wonderful mamas.

Things weren't meant to be for us. I am sad but trust that God has a plan for us. life is so precious and fragile, remember babies are blessings!

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Oh, Chris. I'm so sorry, dear. I went through the same thing last month. :bigarmhug: Hoping June is your month!!

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I am sorry Sad

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So sorry to hear this! I went through this too not so long ago, so keep looking forward!

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I'm so sorry dear Sad

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:comfort: Hopefully your DH will hold and comfort you through this confusing time. :comfort:

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I am so sorry!

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I'm sorry.... (((((HUGS)))) I've been there before, no fun I know. But you are so right, God has a plan and even though it might not match ours His is always best.. Prayers for you and you're family