Got called out at work

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Got called out at work

So, the super came to have a confidential conversation with us yesterday (yes, on halloween and I didn't get home til 5:30...strike one lady!). During the q & a at the end, she all of a sudden says, "oh, and I hear congrats are in order." :mad: My jaw dropped. Yes, I told the principal because of that crazy kid I have in my class, but I hadn't really told the rest of the staff. They all knew she had just snaffooed and one of the other teachers says, "what? you just changed your insurance to Geiko?" LOL My face turned bright red. I was so taken by surprise and embarrassed, but the cat is out of the bag.

What is wrong with people?!?!?!

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OMG, I would have been SO upset. Did you tell the principal not to share the info? What an annoying thing for someone to do! GAH! I'm glad one of the other teachers said something to deflect it. *hugs*

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oh wow! Never fun getting caught of guard. Not right to tell if you didnt want her too but at least it's done right?

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Whhhaaaaat?!?!?! Wow, I wonder if she assumed everyone knew?

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Sometimes people are so rude :/....

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UGH! so rude! I have had ppl at work come and ask me whispering that htey had heard it (not sure who is letting it get around) but Im ok with it now that my principal knows (I had to tell bc I started showing quick and others had figured it out) ..even though I am still early.....I havent announced it to the staff yet

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Lurker here.... Yeah I would have been so mad!!!!!!