Got a result...

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Got a result...

But it was a BFN! Found a tech to run my blood on the machine today, not pregnant. Moving on to June.

Thought about crying, but really I am not sure iff the PH in my uterus has leveled out since taking out the IUD, so maybe AF can clean me out and we will start anew.

Good luck to you all! I will still be lurking.

EDIT: also not going to be drawing my blood by myself again (though I really hate it when other people do it) I nearly passed out...

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Sorry to hear it, but at least you know for sure so you don't have to wonder. I'm 99.9% sure I'm joining you there what with my killer cramps today. I love your avatar, btw.

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So sorry to hear it ladies.. Sad

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I am sorry. Good luck vibes for your next cycle.

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Sad booo, best wishes to you both next cycle ((((HUGS))))

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That stinks... Hopefully next month will be the one!!

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Booo to af Sad fingers crossed for next month!

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meh, only mildly disappointed, only the first cycle we have been trying, my sister has been JLIH for nearly five year so I can't complain yet. (shes also only 23 so isn't super worried about it yet, though I have convinced her to really ramp up the TTC so we can be pregnant together.)