Great Appointment today!

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Great Appointment today!

and apparently my OB loves doing ultrasounds because I had another one today! She said I'm on the border for being able to easily find the heartbeat with a doppler so she likes to not get Moms nervous and just do an u/s now instead of looking for the h/b. No complaints from me Smile

Other good news is that it seems (even though I have not stopped eating for 2 weeks now, I've lost 3 lbs since my last appointment! Again, no complaints Smile

Oh, and I booked my 20 week u/s (gender!!) for Jan 4th!!! SO excited!!!

Here is my very jumpy and seemingly happy bean!

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YAY for a great appt! (and for another u/s!)

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What a great appt! how fun to have another u/s and what a sweet baby! So exciting you scheduled your 20 week scan! Mine will probably be the 1st week of Jan. too!

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Yey Smile That's wonderful!! Thanks for sharing pics of baby!!