Had an appointment today!

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Had an appointment today!

And I got to schedule my BIG u/s!! It's set for December 19th. I was debating whether to attempt to go team green or not. DH is really NOT for it, even though I'd love to do it. Soooo... A girl from my DS2's birth board suggested that we have the u/s tech write it and put it in a box to open on Christmas Day together... I LOOOOOOOVE that idea, so that's what we're going to do!! Biggrin

As for the appointment, it was so-so. My blood pressure was high, 140/90. For those of you who don't know me from other boards, I went through the same stuff with my DS2. My BP was volatile.. I checked it at home and most of the time, it was fine. When I got to the doc's office, it was high. He sent me for a LOT of monitoring in labor & delivery, lots of non-stress tests, etc. I had to do 24-hour urine collection twice. I thought it was mostly white-coat syndrome because I was pregnant immediately after a highly traumatic m/c, then I had a lot of bleeding early in that pregnancy with DS2. So I associated the office with unhappy, scary times. I think to a degree, that still sticks.

However, I've started getting some higher readings on my own at home, so I think it's probably a bit of both borderline high BP for me and a bit of white-coat syndrome also. I've been trying to cut back on sodium, and I *know* I need more physical activity, but it just sucks this time of year when it's so cold outside.

So anyway, I have to do my 1st 24-hour urine collection ALREADY, because the doctor wants baseline levels for that in case I have to repeat it later. Fun times. Blaaah!

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I had pre-hypertension with Noah.. and I think I may have it this time too.. I hope not.. but you never know. I think the last time I was so nervous my heart wanted to jump out of my chest and it showed that it was borderline. I definitely need to reduce my sodium intake!

That's such a great idea! It'll be a fun Christmas Smile Can't wait to find out what gender the baby is too! Man, we are getting to that point already! EXCITING!!

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Yay for scheduling your big u/s! I think finding out at Christmas is a great idea! Can't believe it's only a month away!

sorry you are still having blood pressure issues, hopefully iy can be managed better so you can have a good pregnancy and delivery!

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I was going to suggest you do the Christmas thing too on FB but just hadn't gotten around to posting that. I think that'll be so fun! Sorry you already have to be a slave to the 24 hour pee container. :rolleyes:

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My sisters friend is doing a revealing party with her family back home (another state). They had ithe u/s tech write it. they are going to a baker to give the paper to andd then the bake makes a cake with pink or blue cream inside and so everyone will know what they are having when they cut the cake.

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I had high bp initially with Jack and had to do the 24hr collection. My bp's went down though the closer I got to 20 weeks. I am 99.9% sure it was because of the hospital I was at and the fact that they were ignoring the fact that I just had two m/c's. I was so anxious and they couldn't care less. It might be a case that you are still anxious from your loss and the farther you get in your pregnancy, it will go away. That is my theory at least and I hope it is true for you so that you don't have problems later Wink

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What a cute idea to find out on Xmas! Love it! Hope the blood pressure settles. I know I always get anxious when they check my blood pressure which then shows as a little elevated but the nurse realizes its an anxiety thing.

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:clappy: Congrats on scheduling the BIG U/S!! We're doing ours late (21 weeks) b/c DH thinks he might be able to see more.. lol.. IDK if one week will make a difference but whatever.. ha! Wink I certainly couldn't do team green :nono: Lol Do you have a feeling one way or another???? (And don't count the fact that you already have 2 boys lol..)

Sorry about the BP issues.. Sad I really hope they don't come back this time.. Sad

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I have no idea either way. My dreams are inaccurate, so I won't go by those (my dreams were correct with DS1, incorrect with DS2). As far as symptoms go, my other pregnancies were polar opposites and they both were boys. The only thing different about this pregnancy is that I have been WAY hungrier. Seriously, I've spent ALL weekend cooking. Hahaha... I fear this baby will come out giant (or worse, I'll have a normal size baby and end up with a giant butt).

Your comments about the big u/s and your DH made me laugh... Reminds me of talking to my DH about doing the thing where we have the u/s tech write the gender on a paper and put it in a box to open on Christmas day. He liked the idea, but he thinks I'm going to peek and see something. And I'm like, "I won't look. I promise." And he said, "What if you see it on accident?" I told him the u/s tech can warn us when she's about to go look at the junk so we won't be looking. He was acting like we'd be able to see its face and its junk at the same time, hahahaha.... We've been through this twice before. Wink So he was seriously thinking I'm going to sit there with my eyes closed the whole time. LOL. Men are funny...