Happy 35 weeks, Baby J!

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Happy 35 weeks, Baby J!

My dearest Baby J -

Today we have a trip to the Dr office! :clappy: We hav an NST.. you should be used to those by now. Wink

We're going to meet with the Dr. to have an actual appointment, too. Did you know that we may have one more "every 2 weeks" type appointment and then we'll be seeing Mr. Dr. on a weekly basis?? :shock:

The part I'm most excited about it that we also get to take a quick look at you on the U/S machine! The dr wants to see how you're growing - make sure to work your muscles out during the day today to show him how big and strong you are this afternoon! :love10:

Time is ticking, my baby boy.. We can't wait to meet you soon!!!!

- Love, mom

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Aww, I love it. I can't wait to hear about your appt Smile

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aweeeee, so sweet!