Hate being the last one!

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Hate being the last one!

Seems like of you have had your appoinments already and I still have another week to go! I'm trying to hang in there but this m/s is terrible and I'm feeling really down and wish I could just give up. I don't even think this appt. coming up will be that exciting, they said they are going to give me a pregnancy test. ha what a joke!

anyways...just had to get that out. Trying to find ways to be more upbeat about this but it's hard when you don't feel good.

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I'm so sorry, girlie. Just try to hang in there, hopefully they will do an u/s though! We want to see that beautiful little bean Smile

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If it's any consolation, my appointment wasn't very exciting, haha... I still have to wait 10 more days for an exciting appointment.

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Awseee girlie... Maybe you'll be the one where "save the best for last" comes into play.. TWINS! HA! (Not funny.. but funny! ROFL )

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"ILoveMyMiniMe" wrote:

Awseee girlie... Maybe you'll be the one where "save the best for last" comes into play.. TWINS! HA! (Not funny.. but funny! ROFL )

It's funny that you mention that, because I was actually thinking that last night because I started m/s way earlier then any other pregnancies and I feel worse. I would definitely be in shock. Praying for just one!

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I hope this week passes by fast for you, I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

BTW you're not the last one, I haven't even called to make an appointment yet. I decided I wanted to use a midwife this time instead of going to the doctors but they come to your house for many of the visits. When I mentioned it to DH who is a very private person he said he didn't feel comfortable with people coming into the house. Now I can't make up my mind if I should just call the doctor or go with the midwife anyways.

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Samantha, my doc didn't even do a pregnancy test. They said it's not covered under my insurance? She said that the same test I use at home is what they would use there...and I'm thinking to myself... erm...okay, how many people come in here and spend money only to find out they had a fluke positive or something.

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Lara- I thought about using a midwife too! Are you thinking of going natural then? I think it's very convenient that they come to the house expecially when you have a LO. I would have to get a babysitter to go to my appts. Not sure if the midwifes here would come to the house or not. There is one in my OB's office. We dont have birthcenters here which kinda sucks!

Jessica- I'm going in to the doctors so I can pay for an expensive pregnancy test I already took? yay! Can't wait to pay that bill! haha

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I haven't had an appointment yet, I had a "mini" one for my cyst but nothing concerning OB... I don't go until next week and really doubt that I'll get an u/s then.

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I had a midwife and never had an appt at my house.... idk. i liked mine...but she was outta town when I had Riley so I decided not to go back because I ididn't like the lady on call that works at the same office.