Headig to ER shortly

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Headig to ER shortly

Hey ladies, keep me in your prayers and thoughts please. My spotting hasn't let up and I just have an uneasy feeling so I called the health hotline and they asked me several questions and based on the questions they asked they suggest I get seen within the next 4hrs so I am gonna go shower and head there, I am so scared, please pray that everything is okay

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:bigarmhug: Hang in there!

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Thinking of you, lady... :bighug: KUP, please.

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My prayers are with you.. My family and I will pause for you for a moment! (We're devout Chriatians.. ) please KUP sweetie!!

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Thinking of you and praying it's only a bump in the road. Please let us know when you can :bigarmhug:

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I feel your pain. Sending good vibes and I hope everything goes well.