Hello fellow May hopefuls

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Hello fellow May hopefuls

Hi ladies :wavehello:

I've been wanting to TTC, or really JLIH, for a while now but DH has stood firm at no. However, I just had a surprise pregnancy...got a BFP 2 weeks ago today actually. Sadly it wasn't meant to be.

On a happier note DH is now committed to having one more. Yahoo I'm so thrilled to be planning on having baby #3. We are going to be JLIH so I'm going to try to stay laid back about it. But, I'm sure I'll obsess just a little so would love to hang out with other hopefuls here.

I look forward to chatting with you all and getting to know the ladies I don't know yet. Smile

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I'm so sorry Lynn. Sad Very glad your DH is now committed though!!! Best of luck TTC and sticky dust too!

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Thank you Mel Smile

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Hi Lynn, so sorry about your loss:( Hope May will be your lucky sticky month. My husband was so sure that he is done, doesn't want more kids, but he changed his mind which is good for me:) I guess husbands do surprise us sometimes.

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Hi Lynn,

I'm so sorry for your loss, but it sounds like that pregnancy helped DH realize what her really wants. I guess that's the silver lining.

YAY for TTC. I'm trying to be more laid back this go around. Things got a little intense and emotional ttc our daughter...so laid back is nice. Did you get pg easily the other times?


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I am sorry for loss too.
Glad dh has come round.
Hope both of you are Okay.

Hope may is your month!!!!!

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Thanks ladies Smile

Heather, yes that is definitely a silver lining to me. I am blessed to get pregnant fairly easily...both DS's were first try successes and my first loss I was pregnant after 4 cycles TTC.

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Sorry about your loss Sad but I have to say you have a wonderful attitude. I am so glad that your dh came around after the surprise! I hope this ttc journey is as quick as your previous ones!!

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:cry: I, too, am so sorry for your loss..

But YAY!! :woohoo: on DH coming around!!! :party: !!! Welcome to May, Lynn!! Biggrin

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Thank you!

Jessica, I'm definitely sad but just not taking it as hard this time as my last loss. I guess with it being a surprise pregnancy and short lived we were still getting used to the idea of the reality of another baby before it was gone. We weren't as emotionally invested in this pregnancy as we were in our previous loss. I'm also so happy to finally have DH on board and excited to actually be able to try or to expect it is possible to be pregnant at the end of a cycle that I am able to focus on that. It makes it a little easier to keep a positive attitude. I still get weepy alot though.

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