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Here is some back ground. I have the mirena in. I peed on the stick but not enough for anything to happen. I waited 10 min before throwing it away. I shouldnt have looked at it but I did and saw this. Is it an evap? It was pink in color. I tested again right away and got a bfn. I am so utterly confused. I will test again in the morning, but I just dont get it. This time I am using a digi. LOL.


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I had this last cycle and unfortunately was a bfn. Although mine was much lighter than yours so you never know!

Just don't get Your hopes up like I did as I gave myself so much build up and ended up gutted Sad good luck xx

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I would test again in the morning.

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that's a pretty strong line I think... I agree with pp, test again in the am. Good luck to you I hope you get the results you're wanting!

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It looks a little on the odd side in that there's a heavy saturation of dye on the lower end of both lines and not so much on the tops. It totally looks like a BFP but I agree with others to test in the AM with FMU!

With the Mirena in, it's a low chance. But a chance is a chance! Hope the results are what you're looking for, either way! Biggrin

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And FTR you have some CA-UTTTE kids!!!!