Holy Cramping Batman!

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Holy Cramping Batman!

Ouch. I was warned it would be bad but seriously this is beyond. Especially while she's nursing. It feels like labor contractions all over again Sad Hoping they don't last that much longer cos it is not fun.
But on a happier note we are home and doing great! She's a nursing champ and not a screamer (whch my son was), just content and cute... :cloud9:

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The dreaded uterine contractions while nursing.. Lasted about a week for me.. YIKES!! Hang in there mama.. you're doing great things with breastfeeding.. TOTALLY worth it! Biggrin

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On the bright side it is helping your uterus shrink! I have heard that it is worse with each baby you have so I can't even imagine how bad the cramps are. Hope it gets better!
Glad you are home and she is nursing well!

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Glad to hear she's nursing well! I've always considered the cramping to be a good thing because it means your tummy's returning to it's pre-baby state!