I am back!!:)

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I am back!!:)

Hi everyone, I am back from holidays. It was awesome. Today was the first day of school for my daughter who is in grade one already. This morning it was total chaos. The two school divisions the public school and catholic school had a joint student busing transportation but unfortunately they cannot work out their differences with their separated calender school year and decided to split up and go their own way. So now she has a different bus and bus driver and different pick up and drop off spot. So anyway, this morning, we went to the bus stop to wait for the bus and the bus did not show:argh: I don't drive, I just have my learners but getting a license in spring time, thank goodness my husband is still off from work until next week, we had to drive her to school. we complained to the transportation dept. and they call back and said the driver completely missed the stop and they were sorry but the good news is she got on the bus to go home from school. Tomorrow will be better. I have no idea what is going on with my body right now. With the stress of trying to hard to conceive, getting ready for the trip and the wedding, I am not sure if I ovulated late. During the trip I got cranky and very emotional and was discharging a lot. I may have a slight bladder infection as well. AF is suppose to arrive tomorrow. We will see.

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Wow, it seems like EVERYONE I have talked to with school-aged kids has had issues with the buses this year. My good friend's son wasn't able to ride the bus for an entire week because the school couldn't figure out something that sounds pretty simple to me... Jeez.

As for being emotional with a lot of discharge, maybe you are prego?? It's funny... I was just reading back to my early blog posts with DS1, and I had commented that it felt like I was getting a bladder infection, but I never did. I feel similar sensations now... You never know!!

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:bigarmhug: I hope everything goes smoother tomorrow! That must be very stressful and frustrating. I hope AF stays away!! And that everything you are going through is because you are preggo!!