I hate Insurance Companies

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I hate Insurance Companies

While I was away on vacation I had a horrible day of non stop vomiting so I called my doc who blessed me with the prized Zofran prescription which was my life saver (and meant I could fly home the next day without being dehydrated!). Problem is my insurance would only pay for 12 pills for 30 days!! 12 pills Sad I've been rationing them big time, only using for desperate times, but I'm nervous about what happens when I run out. Called the doc today to see if she could talk to the insurance company and her office people said there's nothing she can do. Trying to decide wether it's worth paying $130 for another 30 pills... :director:I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!
Vent over.

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Can you get the generic with just paying a copay? That's what I got but not sure if they work as well. Zofran is expensive for a reason...because it works! I use mine only when I feel really bad so maybe you'll have some good days!

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i pay straight out for mine. its 57 bucks for 30 pills for generic

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Call around see if anywhere offers the generic for a reduced price for cash pay.

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That's super lame. Have you tried Phenegren (sp/?) I used it last prg and it worked pretty well...it just zonked me tout too. but my insurance covered it. might want to try it out! Smile

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I did get the generic - that was the price for generic - can't imagine how much the real Zofran is.
I have an appointment with m OB on Monday so will speak to her about it. In the meantime today was a relatively good day - no meds at all for me! (Hate to think of the cavities I'll have from all the sucking candies I'm eating though!!)