I hope to be here!

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I hope to be here!

I really hope to be able to join the May board.

I had a hard time choosing to go for the third, but DH and I decided to just go for it! I had my IUD out on August 1st, and had some break through spotting the first couple of days. I have had lots of cramping off and on throughout the month, and a few days where my desire for DTD was very high. I haven't really had any CM that points to ovulation, and I never had AF while using Mirena. So basically I have NO idea where I am in my cycle.

I haven't had AF since December of '06 before we conceived DD1, and I never had AF between DD1 and DD2. I hope that we catch the first egg again and that I can join you ladies!

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Welcome to May! :wavehello: Here's to catching the eggie getting a May, 2013 baby! Biggrin

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Yay for just going for it! Hope you get lucky Smile

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Hi and welcome!!!!!

Looking forward to getting to know you!!

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Welcome!! I hope you catch that egg quickly again!! Good luck!

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Welcome and good luck! Your girls are darling!