I love sneezing!

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I love sneezing!

Gives me relief from the nausea for about 30 seconds every time! At the beg of this preg I was sneezing SOOO much. Unfortunately it's slowed down a lot now Sad Wish that was the one symptom that stuck around!

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Bahahahaha, I totally thought you were going to say you were peeing on yourself! LOLOL

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I tinkled on myself today because I sneezed... Had to go to the ladies room to actually clean up. Talk about embarrassing!!!!!!!! Thank GOD no one was around!!

Sorry you're wanting it back, Yaeli.. lol.. You can have my sneezing! Lol

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Hah! Didn't even think of the peeing while I sneeze - haven't started with that joy yet :roll:

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I totally thought you were going to talk about peeing too. It's always fun. Wink haha. I can totally gsee the relief thing. I've sneezed every once in a while and it is kinda nice. aside when you gotta go to the rest room to clean yousrself up Wink happens to the most of us.

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I thought you were totally crazy at first, but I just sneezed and my nausea did subside for a little bit. Come back sneezes!

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boo, i never sneeze, apparently...