I went AWOL

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I went AWOL

But I'm back now, for some reason I couldn't log in, like my username and pw didn't work, but I tried again today and it did. How is everyone doing? Any prrogress? I have my 3rd fortnightly visit with the OB tomorrow and then after the next one I will go weekly. I still get contractions but they are manageable and as long as there is no progress this week I don't have to do any activity modifications. I have restless everything syndrome right now, not just my legs and I'm not getting much sleep at night because of it and not being able to find a comfortable position to sit or lay. Hope all you ladies are hanging in there, hard to believe in less than 2 months we will all be holding our babies!

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Yey, welcome back!

I can't get comfortable either!! It sucks.. at least once baby is born, I'll be able to sleep comfortably no matter the stretch.