if you knew, what would you do?

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if you knew, what would you do?

My SIL has reached 39 weeks as of today and will be induced tomorrow if baby doesn't come by then. This is their first and they are CLUELESS as to what is about to happen to them. They are going out, shopping, constantly on the go. I told them I recommend that they slow down, rest up, sleep, etc because what they are about to go through changes you forever - sleep after kids is completely different than sleep before kids - I don't think I'll ever fully recover from the first year! They laugh at me and say "oh we only sleep about 6 hours a night as it is so we'll be fine." Baaahahaha! They are in for it. I'm not being too pushy, but at least I have given them fair warning.

Anyway, to my question for you all: If you knew your baby was coming tomorrow what would you do today?

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Personally? I'd eat my a** off today! ROFL And shower.. and make sure the laundry was caught up.. finalize plans for DD to make sure she's got someone to watch her. Check bills to make sure all due in the next couple of weeks were paid.. etc.

:biglaugh: Yeah.. they'll be lucky to get 6 hours a day!! lol.. God love those unknown. Wink

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I got plenty of sleep when my daughter was little. Ok, so it wasn't uninterrupted sleep...but I got more than 6 hours a day. I could also nap when she napped. Not ALL babies are that bad. Blum 3

I had a scheduled c-section with DD so I guess I did have that one last day...what did I do with it? I can't remember. I probably organized her diapers, packed my hospital bed, etc. I agree with Adriana, I'd also go out for a 'last supper' and I'd eat SO MUCH. Blum 3

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I'm trying to remember what I did with DS1. I knew he was coming the next day, because I had a scheduled induction for him. For the life of me, I can't remember what I did that day. I think I spent the day doing things to try to will him to come on his own. I believe I walked a lot, even drank a few sips of castor oil before I decided it wasn't worth it, lol. I stopped work about 10 days before he finally arrived, and DH and I just spent a lot of "us" time. It was nice. We went to the movies a few times, did a LOT of walking, even some hiking to try to get the baby out. Lots of R&R. I was impatient for the baby to come though, because I knew that for each day I was off work and he wasn't yet here, I was missing out on days that I could be off work with him AFTER he arrived.

With DS2, I ended up induced also, but I didn't know it was going to happen until the day of. I had my OB appointment early in the morning and he did an u/s and determined the baby needed to come out now because my fluid was really low. So there wasn't any time to relax... I had worked until 10pm the night before, which is the way I prefer it. Smile

This time... Who knows what will happen! I hope I can work up until the final day again, so as to save as much mat. leave time as possible for after he's here. (OOPS... Or "she's" here, whichever it is. I think calling it a "he" is a force of habit after having 2 boys)

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Having been induced twice also...with my first I had bad pre-e and was going in later that day. I was told to do as little as possible to keep my BP down so I sat around and watched TV and enjoyed feeling baby kick. With my second I had a few days notice so I finished up a few projects and gorged myself on treats LOL and tried to spend as much time as I could with DD doing whatever she wanted.

If it happened tomorrow I'd pretty much copy Adriana's list. Especially bills and laundry!

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

I got plenty of sleep when my daughter was little. Ok, so it wasn't uninterrupted sleep...but I got more than 6 hours a day. I could also nap when she napped. Not ALL babies are that bad. Blum 3

I'm praying I get one like that this time...but I won't hold my breath. It was really terrible with DD; I can't even explain it without it turning into a rant.

Last time I went into labor at work and hope it's the same this time - I don't want to waste time off before baby comes either - I need every minute I can get afterwards!

And as an update - they have checked in (2 hours ago) and nothing has happened. Apparently the doc had a meeting this AM so they are just waiting for him...or for spontaneous labor!