I'm going to take some (more ) time and space to complain :/

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I'm going to take some (more ) time and space to complain :/

I change week #'s on Sunday and each Sunday is feeling worse. Sad Each week I feel more nauseous. : ( It's making me super sad. Yesterday was actually my first time that food came up. Last week I'd started dry heaving and then yesterday I had a peach for breakfast on my way to a B4 babies appt and then afterwards while waiting in line at McAllisters I ran to the bathroom Sad Sad story. Plus nothing EVER sounds god. I miss enjoying food. Now I just force it down. Even my gummies are getting hard to eat.

Other complaints: I am breaking out! Sad I currently have a pimple in my ear.... and it HURTS! like crazy. Sad I miss my clear skin!

Next- the GAS!!! I am sooooo gassy. and it's painful almost/sometimes. I don't pass gas in public or around AnYoNe... Not even my four year old. I remove myself from the room and go usually to the bathroom. But it's starting to gets so bad I can't do that. I am super embarrassed about stiff like that . :/

I hate pregnancy brain... I have no memory and feel like I'm loosing my mind.

I am increasing in size already and feel fat... I know I'm not but I am used to being pretty small and I actually bought maternity pants yesterday because my cltothes are SO uncomfortable.

Mood swings suck. So does the lack of temperature regulation.

The fatigue and exhaustion! lame! Nap at 1 no matter how much I slept or time I wake.

Bleh . I'm sure there are so many more things I'd complain about but I have a headache...again (another complaint) and need a shower (which the complaint there is that I can't get through a whole shower without getting dizzy and having to sit down)

Sorry for being negative and a total party pooped. I'm sure it's the mood swing. Sad

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I hope you start to feel better. The first weeks of pregnancy aren't any fun. I've started feeling better just in the past couple of days... but still have m/s. Hope yours doesn't last as long.

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The good thing, sweetie, is that you're not alone! We all feel your pain and can relate!! It's all part o the wicked game call first trimester.. Keep your chin up! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!!! :grouphug:

Oh and :farts:


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I will be SO glad when the first trimester has passed! Hopefully we all start feeling a little bit better Smile Not too much longer, think positively!

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We have close to the same EDD and I have all of those symptoms you listed above. The worst is the food aversions! I'm tired of trying to decide what to eat and want to throw up just thinking about it. I'm breaking out too.all over my chest! I had good skin last pregnancy so I'm hoping it goes away. I feel fat too. My belly is popping out but I know it's not baby so I just feel fat! I also have to nap EVERYDAY! It's so hard to get through all this with m/s. I just keep counting down the days. Actually. I estimated a time I might start feeling better (Oct. 31) and on the milk jug it's says expires Oct 31, so I think to myself... oh thank god.. when this milk expires I will feel better! Kinda silly but it's helping haha

Hope you can find some relief!

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So many big hugs!! All these symptoms suck!!! Helps me to keep reminding myself that this is not an illness, not a stomach bug, or flu or anything horrible... Just hard to keep going day in and day out.
We can all relate to one degree or another and hoping that within a few weeks so the first trimester yuckies will be a distant memory :bigarmhug:

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I am only a couple days behind you but I have been having pretty manageable days lately. I can throw up all my stomach acid first thing in the morning and then it is just nausea the rest of the day which I can manage with constant eating and lemonade. Try to find something that works for you.

As for the other stuff, I WISH I could fall asleep at 1 everyday. I am at school from 7am til at least 430 and then I come home to a very busy toddler. I barely make it to 8. Oh and I am breaking out too! But only on the edge of my face. The center of my face is so dry it is flaky! Incredible! Blah!

Hang in there. You are in good company and it will get better soon (hopefully!)

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Don't have much time... Heading to bed. Just wanna say, I feel ya!! OMG... I want to feel good again!!

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:comfort: Hang in there Mary! We miss chatting with you.. hope your schedule calms down soon! And that you feel better even sooner. Smile

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