I'm not just guilty of POAS early...

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I'm not just guilty of POAS early...

But apparently, I start trying to use the doppler early too... LOL. I broke down and pulled it out today. I was able to find DS2's heartbeat at 9 weeks on the dot, so I thought, "What's 4 days?" I was able to find something questionable... It was rhythmic and faster than my own heart rate, but it was SOOO faint, it sounded like it was coming from very deep within (or perhaps it was the tiniest of little heartbeats?). I'll try again in a few days, HAH. Wink

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I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with that! Just remember that some days you'll be able to hear it and others you may not. Don't get frustrated, girl! I'm glad you picked up something today though! How cool! Biggrin

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Good luck! I still haven't been able to find anything.

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Ha ha, I thought about my doppler the other day...I'm 4 weeks! Blum 3 The first time I heard DD was at 10.5 weeks, but that was the day my doppler arrived. Even then I had to push down really hard and angle around my pubic bone. What did you use for gel? I found the cheap hotel hand cream worked great!

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I have this kind of gel. It's pretty cheap, really.. It's the same kind they use in my doc's office, though, haha.
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I don't remember the last time I found it with DS2, maybe 12 weeks? Some days I could find it and other days I couldn't. It's pretty sad when you get better then the doctor at finding it! haha