I'm still alive!

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I'm still alive!

Hi ladies! I am out of town and using my phone so his will be quick. After going back and forth with my ob office last week and them not having confirmation about my high risk appt, the high risk dr office finally called Christmas Eve. They needed to ask me questions before my appt scheduled for today. I told them I was out of town and that my ob never told me about the appt. they were nice about it and said they would reschedule for next week. They finally found a time after I called them twice. So I will be having that appt Thursday at 8am. They said I would be having an "extensive ultrasound". So that is my update. I should be back in town in a few days.

Maddie, I would have totally told my mom off for a comment like that. I am overweight but I don't tolerate judging by my own family. I would definitely let her know how much she hurt you.

Adriana, I have yet to feel any movement. I have an anterior placenta again so it may still be weeks before I feel anything :/. I am glad your lo is learning to disco though!

Mary, yay for a boy! Although dh really wants a girl I M leaning more towards boy after beig around my neice ha ha

Ok I will try to catch up more when I get home

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Thanks for checkin' in! Glad to see you are doing alright Smile

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Great to hear from you! Stinks that they forgot to let you know about the appt but I'm glad they could squeeze you in and yay for seeing baby on u/s! Always love that part Smile

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Yey! Will you find out the gender then also?