Itchy skin & carpel tunnel

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Itchy skin & carpel tunnel

Anyone else itching? The sides of my legs and my lower back keeps itching and sometimes the sides of my belly. I put lotion on it but it won't go away. It's really annoying. I have never had this before with any other pregnancies but I heard it happens.
I also think I have carpel tunnel.... another new problem I have never had before. My wrist hurts and keeps falling asleep at night. It's hard to pick anything up because it hurts so bad.
I guess it's better then the sciatica I had last time but still, this is no fun!

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I itch sometimes.. like my back or my feet.. lol weird.. but no carpel tunnel here. I know it must suck. My mom had carpel tunnel with her last pregnancy and her arms would fall asleep a lot.

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I'm super itchy. Luckily no carpel tunnel. I have been feeling hips moving a ton though which definitely hurts.

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I developed carpal tunnel around 16-18's terrible!
My worst time is sleeping, my hands would fall asleep, and it would be so painful that I couldn't sleep through it. My Dr recommended wearing wrist splints to bed, and that's REALLY helped! I've been wearing them for about 4 or 5 months now, and I really notice if I forget to put them on for a night.
I got the 'Tensor' ones that have the hard plastic running along your palm/wrist to prevent you from being able to bend your hand down. I'd check with your Dr, but that's been a huge help to me!

Good luck, I hope it gets better!!

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I am itchy too. Especially on my upper legs and behind my knees. It drives me nuts sometimes and no, lotion doesn't help me either. Sorry about the carpal tunnel. I don't have a problem with that, but I have noticed my eye sight has become REALLY bad at night. I heard that your eye sight can change during pregnancy, but then go back to normal later. I have bad eyes to begin with, but I am going to have to cut out night driving all together if it gets any worse.

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I itch as well. Behind my knees, under my boobs (that was is great, because when I scratch it even just a little it gets red and puffy and gross looking), right around my hair line down there, near my belly button... *sigh* I hear it's normal for your tummy to itch, after all - it's stretching out. But I guess the rest is just a bonus! Sorry about the carpal tunnel, I don't have that and it does not sound fun!

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Horrific, horrific itching. Nothing helps. I've had it every pregnancy. It starts like clockwork at 16 weeks. The last two times, it ended at 24 weeks, so I'm just REALLY hoping it ends at 24 weeks this time too. It's already significantly less than it was a couple weeks ago, but still pretty obnoxious.

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Wow... I thought I would be the only one with weird problems. I went to walgreens last night and bought some curel anti itch lotion. so far it hasn't helped. Maybe I'll go get a pedi, they put this blue coolling gel on the legs so maybe that will add some temporary relief!

As for the carpel tunnel, it's not as bad as it was last week, but I did go get the wrist splint and it does help some.