It's a.....

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It's a.....

Healthy baby GIRL Smile

DH said he knew it would be; that he is doomed to fathering all girls, but we are so glad she looks to be healthy. I have so much anxiety going into anatomy scans that I get physically ill so it is still sinking in that she looKs great!

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YAY for another girl!!! Your two little ladies will be besties! I always wanted a sister. Smile

I'm sorry to hear the anticipation made you feel sick. I have a nervous stomach too. Sad

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Yey!! Congrats Smile The first girl on our BB! I always wanted a sister too and was so jealous of my brothers bc they had each other. I know your little girl will love it!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your princess!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin And for a GREAT appointment! Biggrin

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Woohooo for another girl! Your DH will be just fine with all girls. I come from a family of 4 girls and I don't think my dad would have it any other way!

Now send some of those pink vibes my way Wink

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So glad you have a healthy baby!! Smile I am the same way about the mid pregnancy ultrasound - I honestly just want to see a healthy baby, and I get nervous that it won't be.

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Yay!!!! Having two of the same gender so close in age is special. My boys are best of friends, and I love it!
So glad all looks healthy! Still can't believe we're half way!!

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Yaaaay!! Congrats on a healthy little girl in there. I am exceptionally nervous for this u/s also. I just want everything to look healthy and normal.

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Awww...Congrats on your girl! Two girls will be so much fun! Glad everything went great!